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Step – 1

Post Your Job

Post a job to let us know what you need.

  • Just enter your name
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  • Job details you want to get done.

post a job

Step – 2

Order Trial Package

Our risk-free trial package is of just $4.95 for 5 hours that lets you work with developer for first 5 hours before deciding if you are 100% confident in moving forward. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with the developer you have been assigned, you will not be liable for any payment. We are confident you will like our services and hence have made it 100% Refundable

post a job

Step – 3

Geek Assigned

After the order, our chief technical officer reviews the job description you posted. He then connects you with the developer (the one that best suits your posted job) in order to answer any questions and to get an even better understanding of your exact needs. The developer then ramps up and start working as soon as possible.

post a job

Step – 4

Message (communicate)

After you have purchased a package successfully, you will receive access to the job portal with rich feature such as dashboard and private discussion board. With this private discussion board you can communicate with the developer personally and directly to discuss further.

post a job

Step – 5

Get Job Done

Based on the communication from private discussion board, the developer then starts working on your job and completes it on time. Thus you can now: Get Job Done – Remotely and Quickly!

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We are different from other IT outsourcing platforms

We interview developers for you. So you do not have to go through long list of proposals and waste time interviewing.

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