I want to start a new project and wanted to ask if you want to create the site.

It will be very simple. It will look like TIS, but there will not be More / Less Info buttons and no APIs.

It will be a review and comparison site of adult dating sites.

The only pages will be:

Main page
User guide with two pages
Special offers
Contact us
Privacy policy
User agreement
Affiliate disclaimer
+ video on main page

Thats it, and many of these pages we already have the content for. I will however change the layout of these pages somewhat (it will be as easier format)

It should be made in wordpress

Many of the pages / functions we already have from TIS, so we can more or less copy these (such as the search function)


* Layout will similar TIS i.e will use TIS design framework.
* There is no new functionality include in this scope of work.
* Design instruction should be clear and no more than 1 iteration.
* No SEO part include in this
* Will integrate only list of pages which you have mentioned.



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Client Location – United States