Looking for an experienced freelancer to automate and integrate these platforms to help automate our business and reduce the workload of data entry for our sales team. Hoping to get a consultation to see determine what can be done and at what price.

Tasks that need to be completed:

- Chargebee subscription automatically being created based on data pushed from Roboform and CreditRepairCloud (our clients' service web portal)
-Chargebee pushing billing info (payment dates, payment amounts, billing address, etc) into our clients existing zoho profiles.

I have a document that describes everything we need done in great detail, and I'd be happy to go into a conference call to discuss everything and get an estimate. Please add my skype:

Chargebee automatically updates customerís Zoho profile with the following information:
All personal info: First name, last name, email, phone, full address and ensure that all names/addresses conform to standards. Eg. HALEY SMITH----> Haley Smith, haley smith----> Haley Smith, 3179 plant blvd---->3179 Plant Blvd, FL---->Florida
Processing date taken from chargebee
Monthly Bill Date exactly one month later
Processing fee and MRR based on plan selected in chargebee
2017 Single Pricing Plan=74.95 proc/79.95 MRR
2017 Couple Pricing= 74.95 proc/79.95 MRR
2017 Military Single= 67.50 proc/71.95 MRR
2017 Military Couple= 67.50 proc/71.95 MRR
*Processing date, monthly bill date, processing fee, mrr all need to be filled

- Check Enable Text Message Updates by default


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Client Location – United States