Our customers now have 2 different ways to fundraise. The original way, they collect the money and we invoice them. And an online way, we collect the money and then issue them a profit check. So we need to revamp our order entry system to separate these and add wording** to describe to our customers what to do.

We need our order entry system to continue working while this is being completed. I believe you can create a duplicate of our current system and work on making and testing the changes on that.

Take out the line “Is this an online fundraising order?” that is above the shipping information.

**Add : This order entry form has 2 sections. The first is for orders collected with traditional brochures. You will have collected the monies and will be invoiced for the materials. The second part will appear after you hit submit. It will be for your online orders that have been paid to Java Joes Fundraising by credit card and will generate a profit breakdown.
Basically after the original order has been entered and the customer hits submit. (They will still get emailed their invoice and product detail) New…we want it to say Do you have online, smartfundraiser orders to enter? Yes No If they choose yes we want another ordering section to appear, in a different color pattern (light blue with slightly darker blue background) .

Add this wording to the top of the sections "This ordering section is for your online orders only. Enter the totals below. Be sure to double check your totals. Your profit breakdown will be emailed immediately to you after you submit."

Then recreate the same ordering forms starting with Regular Coffee and continuing thru fudge.

After fudge, instead of click here to view your invoice details. It should read click here to view your profit details. And the heading should be Profit Details. Whole and ground coffee at $5.00 per box; coffee k-cup at $4.00; single serve tea at $4.00; specialty beverage at $5.00; cookie mixes at $4.75 (if less than 50 units) and $5.25 (if more than 50 units); and fudge at 4.75.

There will be no processing cost on this portion of the order.

Like the invoice being created and emailed to the customer and us, this section should create a profit breakdown sheet (with the amounts above)
We would like the combined order details (csv and pdf) that are sent to us to be truly combined…both sections of the order form combined. For example, if on the first part of the order form they order 5 breakfast blend coffee and on the second part of the order for they order 3 breakfast blend coffee, the combined details will show 8 breakfast blend coffees.

There are some other wording changes that will be made, but I think this is more than enough to start.

Thanks, Denise


: – need a web developer for revising the order entry form, need someone smart for revising the order entry form to include online orders, smart coder needed, expert needed for api integration and revising the online orders entry, expert needed for revising

Client Location – Rocky Point, NY, United States