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Add Social Icons to a website

Hello, I need someone to add some social icons to the front page of this website. They need to be coded in as the site has no widgetised space. Thanks Claire


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Classroom section development

Code 6 pages into Cratejoy. Notes: - do not change header or footer content on site masked_class2.psd - please use placeholder video for now - the blue rectangle with white text "Getting started with Arduino" shows on hover over image - this is a members only page masked_enroll.psd - enroll button links to http://MASKED/buy/SQ4791355 - the top bar that says 'MASKED Classroom - Enroll' is a...


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Web App - Single Page Responsive Web App w/API requirements

This is a rather simple description, but we're aware of the need for custom scripting. Website for members: Responsive single page app. The Design: - Vector files - Functional specification document - Asset library - Site map - User Journey The Product: Tap the plugin's icon in your browser and populate a field(s); - Identify a Website by it's API (assume the product will connect to the si...


: – need coder for our web app, need a developer for mandrill integration, developer needed to analyse website, need a designer for our website, single page app developer needed, need base strategy with mandrill integration, expert for mandrill integration, cod

UPS shipping label generator

i want customers on my website to be able to generate a UPS return label. customer would enter their ship-from address, and they would get a UPS return label emailed to them


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NETO Product Uploads

looking for someone to Setup CSVs Also want him/her to Upload all products into NETO for us. I have a group of Products with data in excel. Also I have spreadsheets with all the attributes that I need to appear under a Specs Tab. Thus I will need to have a script written to convert the attributes to appear in specs Tab. in a HTML Table extracting the Data from Excel and converting into...


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Modern Patio

we need to look and see if there's a backup of the site, including database. her current web person accidentally deleted the database, so the only thing that'll load is the home page. please advise if you will be able to salvage the site, and the date of the backup prior to restoring it. I will check with my client to decide if she just wants to rebuild or restore from whatever backup the...


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Create sales workflow automation in Pipedrive using Zapier

I run a sales team in the mortgage business. in any given month we work with 50-75 client applications at a time, with every file needing daily attention. We just started using the sales management system Pipedrive, and now I need to create automated tasks, reminders, etc every time a deal moves through each stage of our pipeline.


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Wordpress and Charm Theme expert needed

Hello, We need to install Wordpress and Charm theme and demo content (files on Google Drive below) onto Name servers for updated today to media temple. Thanks! Paul


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Zapier App Creation to Integrate w/ Zoho CRM

Looking for an experienced Zapier Developer who can create a integration from CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) to Zoho CRM triggered by phone calls. There is currently an app that integrates and creates leads in Zoho CRM from the calls. However the GCLID information is not being pushed over. We need to create an app that perfectly integrates and sends the gclid (which is collected and visible on cal...


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Wordpress layout advisement

Need to have the home page at https://MASKED/ be just black with login box. Could you please see https://MASKED/. Then review theme at https://www.MASKED/gallery/divi/ and research how to make this page have - no top nav - just login box - see this-


: – Wordpress layout designer needed, Wordpress layout expert needed, Wordpress divi theme designer, hire Wordpress theme expert, Wordpress divi theme customization