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Urgent job - ddos attack on website

We experienced a page refresh attack on the index page of our website yesterday. The main problem was this line in /include/function.php function insert_msg_count() { global $conn; $sql="select count(*) as ttl from pm where receiver='" .mysql_real_escape_string($_SESSION['USERNAME']). "' and seen=0 and inbox_track=2 "; // $sql="select count(*) as ttl from pm where receiver='...


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CakePHP based website development

Hi there I need help with CakePHP website and hence looking for a CakePHP developer who has extensive experience. My website that has been developed over some time and I would like to clean up the code as it has become a stale code. Hence seeking someone with expertise in CakePHP 2, jQuery, XML, JSON, among others. The number task would be to removing unuseful code, I understand that th...


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Looking for one PrestaShop Developer

Hi, We are looking for a PrestaShop developer to join our programming team. The developer must be comfortable in following tasks - Converting (HTML) layouts to PrestaShop themes - Integration of themes in PrestaShop - Install and fine-tuning of modules for PrestaShop This could be long term gig if the developer is available and does the assigned responsibilities with total sincerity and ...


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Joomla development

Hi I have a Joomla website ( which uses many components. However there are few components that I want to get rid off. So need a Joomla expert who can investigate my joomla website and see if there will be any side effects on removing certain components. My website also have JBusinessdirectory component from CMSJunkie installed. I want to modify this component to add some cu...


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Expert PHP and MySQL developer

I have a website built using corephp which was developed before CodeIgniter or other MVC framework was invented :) I am looking to relaunch the website with new energy and hence looking for an expert php programmer who can help me with getting up the speed quickly. The developer must know core php as it is necessary to understand the coding/logic inbuilt. Also be able to suggest enhancement...


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Wordpress, Woocommerce Developer

I need a simple ecommerce website to sell digital products online. I was told that wordpress with woocommerce will be a great option by a friend of mine. Though my friend can help me build the website he is still learning this trade and hence he wanted me to seek professional help. I came across your website on twitter and hoping to find a good professional help in wordpress and woocommerce...


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Magento Expert needed - load speed issue

Looking for a magento expert who can fix our website loading issues as soon as possible. We are losing business due to the fact that our website is loading very slowly, hence we notice high bounce rate in google analytics. We hope we can get this done quickly by someone who is expert in Magento, as our website is build using Magento. Need someone who can show us the reasons as well why the...


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Copy and configure cron jobs from cpanel

Hello Amit, I am in the process of transferring my website, from, to I need your assistance with copying the cron jobs that are in the cpanel on bluehost into the new website host at wpengine. Can you copy and configure these cron jobs and verify that they are working on the new host? There is a cpanel in bluehost for cron jobs with six (6) cron j...


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Need customization of Bigcommerce website

I have few small to big projects pertaining Bigcommerce and other platforms. Currently looking for bigcommerce developer who can help me immediately with few tasks. This project will be good kick start to a possible long term relationship. Need the developer to create express checkout from banners placed on 3rd party site. Once clicked on this banner, the visitor will be taken directly to ...


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Zapier clone - Connect API's together

I am looking to make a web site which is similar to, there are few difference that I would like to discuss with developer. The idea is to connect 2 web sites together. I think it has to be done by building various APIs. Hence need someone who has extensive experience with API developer (Maybe Restful APIs) The developer also needs to have good understanding of subscription model ...


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