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Adult dating sites masked

I want to start a new project and wanted to ask if you want to create the site. It will be very simple. It will look like TIS, but there will not be More / Less Info buttons and no APIs. It will be a review and comparison site of adult dating sites. The only pages will be: Main page Welcome User guide with two pages Special offers Contact us Search Privacy policy User agreement Affiliate ...


: – need a developer for adult dating sites, need a webdeveloper, need a coder to develop site like TIS, expert needed to develop website like TIS with no APIs, Need an expert to develop a adult dating sites, need a wordpress developer to develop website like

Api interface to the credit card terminal - uncash voucher through credit card terminal

Hi, i coded a online voucher system and now my customer wants a possibility to encash the voucher through the credit card terminal by scanning the ean code on the voucher, i am grateful for offers.


: – need a webdeveloper for api integration, developer needed for api interface to the credit card terminal, skilled freelancer needed for api integration for uncash voucher through credit card terminal, coder needed to integrate api to encash the voucher, e

Masked Website

Hi all, We're wanting to create a new website for masked Could you please set up WordPress so that we're able to begin working on the new site, and install the attached theme? We'd like the new site to sit at for staging. I've uploaded the theme to Google Drive – if you have any issues accessing it, please let me know and I'll figure out an alternative...


: – Need a webdeveloper, webdeveloper needed for my website, need a developer to create a new website, need a wordpress developer, need an expert to install the attached theme, neeed an expert for new site for staging, need a freelancer to create a new website

Masked Financial

are you familiar with websites built with adobe muse? client wants to migrate the site to my hosting. can you handle this? if so, what's estimate to do that. what information would you need to do the migration?


: – need a webdeveloper, need a wesite developer familiar with adobe muse, need an expert to migrate the site by hosting, need a smart web develper quickly, expert needed fro web development with proper estimation of time, need a coder for finance website to