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SMB Enterprises- Opencart

1. Category- -> Printer -> Projector -> Home theater -> Bar code scanner 2. Functionalities- ->Inquiry -> Catalog- Download pdf. -> Search -Advance search - Category - Tag - Name - Product code(SKU) 3. Email Subscription 4. CRM


: – New website development, website design and development, website creation


My first job is a discovery exercise where your team become familiar with our systems, architecture and our procedures for monitoring, debugging and bug fixing.


: – Initial job to check GeeksPerHour, systems, architecture, debugging, bug fixing

New Tea Products (2) Need to be added to our Online Order System

This is important and needs to be address as quickly as possible. If you need clarification, I recommend emailing me at for quicker response times. Thank you for taking care of. Sincerely, Nicole


: – online order sytem, custom online order system, godaddy store, custom php based store godaddy store, custom order system in php

Adding Tea K-Cup to

Please add 2 new items to our online store. See the attached .pdf for instructions. Images uploaded as well. Thank you. Nicole


: – adding products godaddy based store, products in godaddy store

WordPress Plugin and API fix

my site here: you will see that when you create a site, it creates three sites inside my dudamobile dashboard. I was hoping someone could dig in and see what is happening.


: – dudamobile, wordpress multi site, easy click website builder, wordpress and 3rd party API integration

PHP and Javascript programming

Extending Joomla Component functionality. Extension Provider is OS Solutions ( 1 Build Payment Gateway Plugin - we have current plugin code but need functionality changed for Membership Pro and Event Registration components. 2. Add a type of Cart or Group Purchase Functionality - The Component to be modified is Membership Pro, need to be able to allow members to purchase mult...


: – joomla donation component edits, joomla component customization, JoomDonation customization, joomdonation joomla integration, payment gateway integration joomla, javascript programmer

SCXXXC Concrete Drupal Update

Hello, Can you please update drupal and all modules and make sure the new modules all work perfectly for Thank You!


: – Drupal modules, drupal website upgrade, upgrade drupal website, upgrade drupal modules

XXXM Cakes - Gallery

Can we make the gallery look like this? we will need a gallery for the following: Birthday Cakes Wedding Cakes Special Event Cakes Baked Goods I know this site is old and we never launched it, but looking to do so as soon as we can. I updated the menu to get rid of most the e-commerce, as they only ...


: – cake website, update gallery page, e-commerce, ecommerce website customization, ecommerce website gallery

Thumb when replying to message/Inbox modifications. - GFI

When you reply to a message on gXyXXXXt the thumbnail next to the message is linked to the users video. I need this changed to it shows their profile/avatar picture. Can you also add the users username underneath the picture. The message that you are replying too should also be shown above message when you reply. === Can you include the name of the user who sent the message next to t...


: – Video script site customization, UX/UI improvement, message box modification on website

Drop Down Menu for SofXXXX Systems

Please make the current "Products" button on our page cascade or drop down as shown in the attached file. The links for each drop down item should be: Education Tracker - education.htm Room Scheduler - products/reserve/reserve.htm Visitor Tracker - products/visitrack/visitrack.htm Vehicle Tracker - products/vehicles/vehicles.htm Please let me know if you n...


: – drop down menu changes, website edits, website changes, need freelance web designer