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Create Zapier integration for Orcanos

We have a Saas based solution called Orcanos for ALM (Requirements, test management and bug tracking). We wish to integrate it to tools exist in Zapier, such as TFS, Jira, Salesforce... We wish this job to start with few hours of consulting, to build a simple basic solution, and then work on complex zaps We need to create the following actions: ---------------------------------------------...


: – need a zapier developer, Need a developer to integrate zapier for orcanos, need an expert to develop site with zapier integration for saas based solution called orcanos, need a developer to integrate tools exist in zapier as TFS Jira salesfoce

Need API professsional to connect raw data to Active Campaign event data via Zapier

We're getting raw data sent to via an existing integration. We need to get several events from this raw data sent to Active Campaign via AC's Event Tracking API via Zapier webhook. Should be pretty straightforward. Thanks, I look forward to your response.


: – need a zapier developer, need a zapier developer for api integration, need a zapier develper to resolve several events to active campaign, needed skilled coder for zapier integration, proficient freelancer needed, hire a zapier developer for api integrati

Need someone with Zapier experience

Need someone to automate functionality within our crm system


: – Need a zapier developer, zapier developer needed to automate functionality without our crm system, Need someone with zapier experience, hire a developer with zapier experience, expert needed to automate functionality within our crm system