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Wordpress site

I need the Enfold theme set up on a development server.


: – hire a web developer, hire a wordpress develoeper, wordpress site, need a wordpress developer to enfold theme set up on development server, looking for someone expert to enfold theme set up on development server, hire a freelancer

Wordpress site transfer issue

Hello, I am trying to port over a WordPress website from one hosting account over to a new client's hosting server account. I used a Backup Buddy backup to try and port the website over, however I received an "AJAX" error message in Backup Buddy while it was working. Now, all the Wordpress files have been extracted, however when I go to the site, it shows an under construction message. If y...


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Video Not Loading on Wordpress Site on PCs - but loading on Mac

Hello - I just configured my new wordpress site to have a video slider on the homepage. It works on my Mac, but not on PCs, can you please help?


: – Need a web developer, hire a developer for the video not loading on wordpress site on pcs but loading on mac, Hire a coder to have a video slider on the homepage, looking for someone expert for wordpress site for loading video, need a wordpress developer

Wordpress Settings

Hello - I need help configuring backend settings on my WordPress site - I need to increase my settings as follows: Maximum Execution Time (max_execution_time) : 30 seconds. Recommended max_execution_time should be at least 60 Seconds. Maximum Input Time (max_input_time) : -1 seconds. Recommended max_input_time should be at least 60 Seconds. WordPress Memory Limit (WP_MEMORY_L...


: – need a web developer, hire a wordpress developer, hire a developer for configuring backend setting on my wordpress site, need a coder to execute some settings in my wordpress site, hire a wordpress freelancer to execute some changes for execution time in

Redesign and Development

Domain: Project Requirements Overview: Develop a mobile friendly, WordPress site in which each category will have login access for users to see the pictures of the same category. The site will be multi-lingual. Our scope of work will include: First I will start with Logo of the site in which I will provide you 2-3 designs and you can choose between them.??Then we will go for HT...


: – need a web developer, need a developer to redesign and development, need an expert to develop a mobile friendly wordpress site, need an expert to develop site to have login access for users of same category, need a proficient to provide logo and designs

Wordpress changes -

Hello, Some changes needed on the site below. If you have any questions or if I need to add hours to my account, please let me know. Hope all is well and thanks in advance for your help. Grace CHANGES NEEDED: CENTER CONTENT on all of the portfolio individual client pages (example: https://supermasked/) can we CENTER all content—> logo, intro text and thumbnails? ADD IFRAME LIGHT...


: – need a wordpress developer, need to make change in wordpress site, need a coder to make changes in wordpress site, need developer to add IFRAME LIGHTBOXES in the website, need a coder to provide thumbnails to open the lightbox iframe, need an expert to ma

Modern Patio

we need to look and see if there's a backup of the site, including database. her current web person accidentally deleted the database, so the only thing that'll load is the home page. please advise if you will be able to salvage the site, and the date of the backup prior to restoring it. I will check with my client to decide if she just wants to rebuild or restore from whatever backup the...


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Anyone here experienced with Chameleon Dating site software?

Site uploaded and active in simple form. Would like someone familiar with the software to spend maybe a day on changes inc linking paypal account etc. All sort of ready to go.


: – need wordpress developer, need expert for dating site, developer needed for dating site, coder needed for chameleon dating site, expert needed with good knowledge of chameleon dating site software, Wordpress coder needed, hire expert for wordpress site

WordPress site not loading

Hello, my client's website, is now showing a loading error: "Error establishing a database connection". I am wanting this to be repaired. Thank you, James.


: – need a wordpress website developer, need a coder to resolve the issue showing loading error in wordpress site, need an expert to resolve error establishing a database connection, expert needed to repair the wordpress website not loading

Broken wp site

Hi GUys, I just made a change to the wp settings General--I was trying to change the url, and now none of the images, theme, or css load. Could you take a look? the site is Let me know if this is something you can fix. If we can get it back up and running I needed to duplicate it and move it to new domain. I will give you those details once if we can solve the current pro...


: – need a web developer, hire a developer for broken wp site, hire a wordpress developer, hire an expert to look my wp setting which is not loading because of some changes, looking for someone to fix issues in my wp site, hire a coder for wordpress site to d