Hire Hadoop FreelancerWhat is Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is an open source software platform for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware.  Hadoop services provide for data storage, data processing, data access, data governance, security, and operations. Hadoop is an ecosystem of open source components that fundamentally changes the way enterprises store , process, and analyze data.

What are the benefits of Hadoop that are used by GeeksPerHour.com Hadoop freelancers?

Some of the reasons organizations use Hadoop is its’ ability to store, manage and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data quickly, reliably, flexibly and at low-cost.

  • Scalability and Performance – distributed processing of data local to each node in a cluster enables Hadoop to store, manage, process and analyze data at petabyte scale.
  • Reliability – large computing clusters are prone to failure of individual nodes in the cluster. Hadoop is fundamentally resilient – when a node fails processing is re-directed to the remaining nodes in the cluster and data is automatically re-replicated in preparation for future node failures.
  • Flexibility – unlike traditional relational database management systems, you don’t have to created structured schemas before storing data. You can store data in any format, including semi-structured or unstructured formats, and then parse and apply schema to the data when read.
  • Low Cost – unlike proprietary software, Hadoop is open source and runs on low-cost commodity hardware.

Why Hire Hadoop Developers from GeeksPerHour.com?

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