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Meteor.JS is an outsourcing Java Scripted web framework which is free as well. Meteor.JS has features such as whistle-stop prototyping, producing cross-platform which makes it idiosyncratic. Meteor.JS has other dazing features such as its integrating capabilities with MongoDB, Meteor.JS uses the distributed data protocol along with publish-subscribe pattern which enable the automatic propagation of data changes to clients and also it never demands the synchronization code from the coder for this task.

No Doubt, Meteor.JS has mettle features, if any, refer the following:

1. Meteor.JS has real-time which is already built into its core.
2. Meteor.JS allows the coder to develop just in one language.
3. Meteor.JS has so many smart packages, that you can save a lot of time by using them.
4. Meteor.JS is optimized for developer’s happiness.
5. It is quite easy even for the beginners.

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