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What is Neto?


Neto is an excellent, impeccable and flawless digital e-commerce platform which is used to develop an efficient and attractive e-commerce websites furnished with additional features. It is a cloud based platform which enables the client to scrutinize his/her business activities from anywhere in the world and thus helps to integrates all the aspects of the e-commerce activities.
Neto helps the client to design, set up and use the store through multiple channels with ease- from website, mobile, ebay and social media through bricks and mortar stores.

Why use Neto?

  • Neto is a complete content management system that lets you build and manage a content-rich, dynamic website with enterprise-level ecommerce functionality built in. Add a blog, buying guides, articles, forms, and more.
  • Neto platform embedded with 70 free, editable and fully responsive editable themes which help to create beautiful and attractive website.
  • One has full access to the HTML, CSS, and JS of the store, making it easy to customise every aspect of the website and shopping cart.
  • All the website templates are responsive. This means that they are future-proof, and beautifully accessible from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Neto has an inbuilt theme- editor to style the website to match one’s branding. Hence, no prior experience is required.
  • All the templates are based on bootstrap hence the who is familiar with bootstrap, CSS and HTML would love to work on Neto.

Why Hire Neto Developers on GeeksPerHour.com?

  • Provide Scalable and Flexible solutions using Neto
  • Develop Fully Mobile-Responsive Website
  • Provide Coding Guidelines and Standards
  • Well aware and experience on design patterns
  • Provide Good support for your requirements and queries
  • Provide error-free implementation of requirements
  • Deliver better readability and understanding of the source code
Hire Neto Freelancer

Case Study of Neto Website done by GeeksPerHour.com

The website was simply build is to provide quality brands and products to trade and retail customers at competitive prices. It is an online supplier of Plastic Window Packers, Glass & Glazing Packers, Slotted Wedge Packers, Fasteners, Fixings, Hand Tools, Drill Bits, and more…..Learn More