Hire Open Source Freelancer

Open source development is a specific development methodology that allows users and open source developers access to a product’s source. In the parlance of IT solutions this would mean complete source code access with regards to a particular software, application, or platform.

The open source model allows contribution by users who are part of the open source development project online community. The whole concept of developing open source software or any other product has achieved popularity over the years and one of the most well-known creations in this regard is the Linux operating system. The two mainstays of opens source development are the Internet and the GPL or the General Public License. The GPL guarantees that the free distribution of the software takes place and the source code is made public and can be modified or redistributed.

The Internet has led to the almost meteoric rise of open source development as millions of interconnected people can interact in a highly collaborative environment. It means that there is a continuous development happening when it comes to open source projects.

At the end of the day, the overall system includes:

  • A freely available source code.
  • Enormous code development that happens side-by-side.
  • Collaborative Internet Environment.

These three features put together to offer a software development model that more often than not surpasses the software development and bug fixing ability of traditional software companies.

Advantages of hiring open source freelancer from GeeksPerHour.com

  • Focused and Extreme Development: When we tell you that open source development involves the contribution of thousands of programmers towards particular software, you will realize that this is a form of extreme and highly focused open source development. Anybody with any kind of skill or talent, living anywhere in the world can contribute to the project in any way or form.
  • Speedy Bug Fixes: In the first point we had talked about how thousands of programmers cumulatively work for the improvement of the project. One of the integral part of any software or application development is fixing of bugs in the system. As can be imagined, many of the programmers who are a part of the open source project focus their time and energies on the fixing of bugs. This leads to a quick fixing of bugs, which is far quicker than the time taken by most traditional bug fixing software companies.
  • Superior Security: In a closed source code, not everybody can view the code and assess it for security flaws, or faulty coding, or even backdoor access. There is no peer review which means that there is a good chance that a critical security flaw won’t be detected which in turn might lead to serious consequences. On the other hand in an open source development anybody can view the code and the chances that a security flaw will be detected increases by leaps and bounds. The concept of open source also deters the back door entry of a nefarious code.