Hire Twilio FreelancerTwilio provides a web API so that, it become very easy to enable loT devices which are used to communicate with users without integrating with the network operator. Because of Twilio, today software developers are able to make and receive phone calls programmatically, not only calls but are also able to send and receive text messages by using Twilio’s web service APIs. Twilio’s services can easily be accessed over HTTP, and these services are charged according to the usage.

The APIs send communication requests to Twilio’s cloud data centres (where phone calls and messages are processed and delivered back to application). Twilio use markup language called TwiML, in order to communicate. For example, if a user has received a sms at a Twilio provided phone number, so the message is then translated to TwiML and then sent as an HTTP request to web application.

Why people prefer to use Twilio?

  • It makes loT communication without any efforts.
  • Twilio uses APIs in order to provide layer of abstraction over the complexity of PSTN.
  • Due to abstraction, its functions are accessible to programmers.
  • Because of its simplicity.
  • Because of its scalability.

Powerful features of Twilio used by GeeksPerHour.com Twilio freelancers are:

  • Twilio IP Messaging Service: with the help of this service, developers can build messaging into any of their apps.
  • Twilio Monitoring: by the help of this monitoring service, you can track usage, check for possible security holes.

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