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GeeksPerHour.com (Get Job Done-Remotely and Quickly!) is a fully web development based company. We provide services on web application, web development and designs in all over the world, by using the power of the web & latest technology trends we will provides best quality work and benefit to our clients. Today all the software mainly based on web technologies, whether they be used on the Internet or internally at a company. The meaning of advanced web development is not only creating great looking websites although we are worki ng on more advanced system where web pages only are the interface that the user interacts with. The focus is on the underlying technologies, how computers work and communicate as well as various web technologies. The understanding of a computer’s design and communication flows mixed with programming and user interface. When the programming is a form of problem solving, we organize and solve problems but also to evaluate different solutions based on efficiency and complexity.

We deliver high quality range and advance web development through Converting novel ideas to embrace business breakthroughs, opportunities and Put ideas into a structured document. Defining objectives eliminating bottlenecks, milestones to be achieved, and project deliverables. GeeksPerHour.com Provides continuous & ongoing support to ensure best possible performance.

E-Commerce Development

The impact of Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is already more than a craze. It is quite a trend driven by the New Technologies of data and Communication. Is here to stay, and companies don’t seem to be able to exploit the opportunities are giving advantage to people who have captured if its benefits.

An online store are your most cost-effective merchant, offer them access to a brand new channel complementary sale that may place your business to countless potential buyers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently quite 1,000 million people connected to the net. GeeksPerHour.com will help meet the challenge of being able to reach them all. Developing an E-Commerce website to enable it to gain market share, differentiate from competitors and enhance the prestige and image of your company.

Please look some of the E-Commerce websites module developed by GeeksPerHour.com (The best way to get job done).

  • Custom ecommerce shopping cart.
  • Coupons & Discount Module.
  • E bay Integration.
  • Safe, secure and trusted checkout process using SSL.
  • Add new products on regular Intervals.
  • Provide comfortable and secure buying process for buyer.
  • Multicurrency ecommerce solutions.
  • Shipping gateway integration.
  • Online Payment Facilities and Accept Credit Card Online.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Customer & Order management.
  • Online Store Management and Product Details Update Facility.
  • User Friendly & Search Engine Friendly Website Design.
  • Have a Complete control on website’s functioning and Update/modify the information.

CMS Development

CMS is a system in which you can independently manage the content in one hand and design on the other. It will provide the facility to manage content anytime and provide different design to site and allows easy and controlled publishing the site to several publishers. A classic example is the publishers that carry the content to the system and the other side will be the main administrator will be published or not the contents.

CMS (Content Management System) is allowed you to:

  • The maintenance of the website
  • Include new content
  • Edit and update existing
  • Permanently delete

Some features of GPH’s Content Management Systems (CMS):

Separate the content from the presentation: This facilitates future design changes make the website more easily, some can also post the same content across multiple channels at once (Web, RSS, WAP, Mail, etc.)

  • By separating content from presentation allows you to organize all the information on different types of content and treat each part separately.

Today Content Management System (CMS) can apply to:

  • Forums: A system that allows you and your users to create a forum for discussion and debate online where people gather to discuss a topic of common interest.
  • Blogs: They tend to be a space where people can post news or items that cannot be edited, but they have a space for comments and discussion.
  • Wikis: It is a documentation system that allows you to collaborate on articles and comment.
  • Portals: Sites that combine several features to create an online community. Basically, a forum and a blog together and sometimes space for items that are not news.