Hire Website TestersYour designers and developers have created a fantastic front-end design, which you are delighted with, and your job now is “To test” it. Your heart begins to sink: Think of all the browsers, all the devices and all of the web pages you’ve got to test, not to mention the iterations and bug fixes. You need a front-end testing plan.

1. First of all, you should know, who are we testing for?

• You will need to understand your audience and how they will be consuming the website.
• Need to know, what are the most popular devices your audience uses?
• What operating system and browser combinations are most popular among your audience?
• What connection speeds do they have (3G, 4G, broadband/fibre)?
• How tech-savvy are they?

2. Points to remember, while testing:

• All content must be readable.
• All functionality must work.
• Deviation from approved Graphic design must be minimized.
• Navigation must work.
• Any degradation to presentation must not obscure content.
• Automated testing tools for visual regression

Reading what you should do is one thing and actually doing it quite another. So, I suggest you not to waste your precious time in focusing, understanding, learning, and then later implementing just to test the website, I don’t think if it’s worth. I have a better idea, you can just visit GeeksPerHour.com and then post a job of website testing, so you can easily hire one of the website tester, and then it’s all his/her headache. After all they are trained for this. Web designers, developers, testers at GeeksPerHour.com are perspicacious, astute, shrewd and sagacious, so, go ahead and post your website testing Job on GeeksPerHour.com now!