Hire Wowza FreelancerWhat is Wowza?

Wowza is an excellent platform embedded with useful tools and resources to help you extend server capability and create mobile live streaming apps for quick and efficient commercial deployment.

Wowza platform helps the client in serving or delivering the audio and video contents over internet more sophistically. Through Wowza streaming engine, client can increase the broadband availability and enhance the compression standards thus able to publish high quality live and on demand videos in less time without negotiating with the quality of video.

Why Wowza?

  Choose Wowza Streaming Engine if you…

  • Want own software for deployment on premises or on cloud-based servers
  • Want to deploy on your network behind a firewall
  • Require server security or digital rights management
  • Want both live streaming and video-on-demand capabilities
  • Have deep customization requirements

Why small businesses should hire Wowza freelancers from GeeksPerHour.com?

GeeksPerHour is a unique outsourcing platform which provides excellent service to small services. All wowza freelance developers are pre-selected so there is no waste of time on client’s end in selecting a right candidate for web or IT project. GeeksPerHour.com does that for clients.

  • Well aware and experience on design patterns.
  • Customized many Wowza websites.
  • Good support for your requirements and queries.
  • Qualified developers.
  • Provide error-free implementation of requirements.
  • Client satisfaction based on result.
  • Hiring process is simple.
  • Deliver on time.
  • Well tested manually as well as unit wise.
  • and many more.