PHP is one of the most popular programming languages. In past years PHP programming has became most popular web development language. Nowadays At least 20 million domains including almost all major sites as well as world’s biggest open source jobs use PHP development language.

Year after year people make the same mistake in development using PHP and thus to build reliable and secure php development there are many things to be kept in mind. These mistakes can be avoided by practice and use.

The important points to be kept in mind while building a PHP development are:


  1. Be specific to PHP framework : It is true that PHP is easiest programming language , So PHP ease of use has become its own enemy and As PHP has very less restriction it leads to write bad codes.PHP framework thus provide a standardization to codes though it is slower than the simple PHP but it provide faster development process.
  2. PHP cannot be used everywhere : PHP cannot be used anywhere and everywhere. PHP has been build for some certain purpose. Solution for every problem can never be PHP. It is being made for solving web related problems only. It is thus a language for web development.
  3. Involve innovation : Same as other languages PHP is also an evolving language. Some or the other code or  functions are daily added to its library and thus a php programmer need to keep up with all, So the time spent on it must be on regular basis for fast rapid growth.
  4. Use a good source editor : A good source editor provides code hints, code navigation and built-in debugging tool. This makes a php developer to save time and also build an appropriate application.
  5. Use proper PHP functions and codes : While developing a php application proper codes and functions must be used, codes must not be over bundled or clumsy. That is functions, classes, codes must be written in an understandable form. Also it is good to have practice of including comment but they should be specific and placed only where required so that program does not become bulky.
  6. Be prepare for every user : As PHP application is a web application and thus the user are unknown to the PHP developer, It is very difficult to analyze which user will use application in which manner and thus the developed application must be such that it does not disturb  the website in any means and web application  remain secure.
  7. Keep collection of code snippets : Sometimes similar kind of code snippet is required more than once, thus a php programmer can keep a code snippet so that he can use them again and again which saves time.
  8. Use a versioning system for codes : In some cases of development there are lines of codes used by more than one PHP programmer or at more than one system. For this code versioning systems are available. This not only saves times but also helps in understanding codes easily. This is usually used in cases where the live version and development versions are different.
  9. Have proper build logic : There are various engines and tools which help in separating different logics of web application. Codes logic and design logic must be separated properly because of which a little change in design can be done without change in PHP codes.
  10. Use professionals : It is always better to use professional and reliable php programmer and developer rather than building a wrong programming codes and wasting time but while choosing for such companies we should keep in mind that we never use inexperienced, cheap development companies, you should select companies with proper knowledge and experience and a proven track record.

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