About the Client:

The client is already involved in the web development and maintenance for more than five years. They have seen the potential of Freelance market and hence to give a boost to it, they have come up with a brand new Freelance web development website for the award-winning jobs! Their goals are simple: Every company should have a website to promote their business and the company can be of any size.

The client welcome all clients in a family atmosphere, whether it’s a large company representative, director of a major internet portal, or a small family company to help them get their best freelancer for their web development job. They believe that the true pleasure of cooperation can be achieved thanks to individual and relaxed approach.

Project Introduction:

The Project was to develop a site that has included two tasks:-

Create Elance like display of registered freelancers. This frontend would have ability to search by area and specialty of freelancers and freelancers will be able to upload resume as part of profile. Create new or modify current payment portal. Freelancer will be able to set own fee for each job type and will set Braintree payments to collect 9% of all collections.

Project Assignment Highlights:

1. To create a front end that will be much like a plugin given by client.
2. “User displayed” will interface as users on backend cakephp code.
3. Integrate theme in cakephp.
4. Make the site responsive.
5. Track all leads.


1. To create the Cakephp Site from a Joomla plugin.
2. To create a document viewing and opinion creating functionality.
3. To create new or modify existing payment portal.

Technology Used:

Cakephp, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.


The project required easy to create, manage and customize user interface that we did by using Cakephp. We designed a responsive template for the website and integrated the best HTML5 and CSS design technique to make website equally impressive and appealing on every device. It was given the same display like Elance or Guru.com. We have implemented the website that is stable, secure, and easy to manage while also having a wide reach, allowing clients to get freelancers to the farthest and most remote corners for their web development job. Cake PHP framework development, Web application development, customization, Template design and integration with cakephp was done with very ease and simplicity. The whole site was developed to increase the traffic and to make site popular.


The final result was a website that delivers you freelancers with greater flexibility for web development. It can provide clients with great freelancers and also provide different freelancer a job of their perfect match. With this website we hoped to increase user engagement and encourage a deeper journey through the site — and hoped to inspire more people to visit site itself as well.

Client Feedback:

After the successful completion of work, our client gave us a wonderful feedback:

“We are extremely impressed with GPH and its team of web developers. Not only were they accurate but they kept us informed every step of the way- a refreshing change from our last web developer. Thank you very much to the team – we will definitely have them work on our site again. ”