About the project:

The website was simply build to make a difference to teachers and other professionals working with children by providing them with the competence and confidence to work better with children of all needs. It is an online site that provides courses which are designed for educators, special needs professionals, parents and anyone with an interest in special needs education or positive psychology. The courses are particularly suitable for those who require flexibility and freedom in accessing professional education and updating their skills.

The project required execution of three unique concepts, easy to customize look and feel, fully secure and scalable section and email popup to the site.

Why Moodle is used as a technology:

1. It is an open source system.
2. It is the best for learning management system.
3. Easy to use.
4. Scalable and configurable.
5. Compatible with external systems.

Project Assignment Highlights:

1. Design Site
2. All the content, students and contributions to be backed up and then restored into mirror image.
3. Add courses to the site and make categories for different course.
4. Add different programs, events and news into it automatically.
5. Backup the development site and move it to new site


The project required features that students, teachers or parents can enroll online in the website so that take the advantage of the courses available.
Though it was an easy but the developer faced a challenge in transferring the user password from one moodle site to another.

Technology Used:

Moodle, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery


The project required easy to create, manage and customize user interface. It needs to be easy for the users so that they can easily enroll online to avail the courses available. We designed a responsive template for the website and integrated the best HTML5 and CSS design technique to make website equally impressive and appealing on every device. To manage the courses in te site we managed to have separate categories for each course. The password transferring issue was solved by applying the approach through database. The developer made sure that the speed loading time is less and used techniques to make the site attractive and lead generating.


The final result was a well designed feature rich Moodle website that provides professionals, parents and anyone with an interest in special needs education or positive psychology. It truly believes in the product and is deeply committed to helping the customers allowing you to confidently purchase online.

Client Feedback:

After the successful completion of work, our client gave us a wonderful feedback:

“I have been very pleased with the work GPH has done. They are prompt, always eager for additional work, and deliver a quality product quickly.”