Freelancing websites are growing day by day and creating a market place for small to large businesses. The growth for the online business is increasing for which the people are choosing to hire developers for their job online rather than in house developers. The growth of Online global outsourcing at a rapid pace with a projected growth of over 40% for the industry. The biggest platforms are Upwork (formerly oDesk), Guru, Freelancer and 99designs. With this growth the rate charges on this websites are also increasing which is creating problem for the client as well as freelancers.

All the freelancing websites charges some percent of amount of the cost from both the client as well as freelancer. The client has to pay more because of this.

The different charges or fees taken by the various outsourcing platforms from the clients are as follows-

Website Charges to Clients
Upwork 2.75%
Freelancer $5 per job


In this table we compared the percentage different outsourcing platforms charge from the clients. It shows how the different outsourcing platforms are taking fees from the clients for their job but is different. does not take any charge from the freelancers or the clients for any of the job. is a global outsourcing platform where the clients post a job and it provide a perfect freelancer to the client for his job without taking any fee from them.

So, rather than giving extra money on these outsourcing platform try the service of where we assure you to provide a perfect freelancer for your job.