Web development is intricate and interesting work, the kind that affects a great many people. Think about it: Your code will power a site that can be accessed from almost anywhere on Earth, connecting users separated by thousands of miles. They’ll use tools you created and view content you provide, some at home, some at work, some on the road, but all of them interested in the project you chose to undertake. Your efforts will be part of a world that is constantly changing, becoming more sophisticated, more challenging, and reaching people in new ways.

“It’s a time of rapid change in Web development”. There seems an industry growing dramatically, expanding its reach onto new platforms and reaching new audiences. The increasing adoption of mobile products is affecting how Web developers approach their work, challenging them to build sites that function as well on a Smartphone as they do on a desktop. Mobile products are underpinned by Web technology: “They’re not rendering a Web page, but they’re using the technology”. Though Web developers still need to be expert in a variety of languages and tools, technology’s advance is lowering many barriers. “Languages are becoming easier to master”.

Job Opportunities in future for Web Development-

As far as businesses are concerned, that’s a good thing. As they increase their reliance on the Internet, they need more people who can make it work for them. Consumers and businesspeople alike have set high expectations for how websites should work, and organizations have to invest to keep their offerings up to date or make them more dynamic. And that’s just the Web. Then sales want to build real-time dashboards on mobile. There’s so much being done and the economy’s doing well. Everyone’s trying to do so much at the same time which leads to the question of who’s going to do all that work. The reality is there’s more work to do right now than there are people to do it. There’s tremendous demand for Web development right now and there’s certainly a dearth of talent.

Technology like CodeIgniter, Symphony, CakePHP, Zend, Ruby on Rails and Django are making it easier to build apps, leading to the creation of more startups. It used to take longer to get a company up and running than it does today. The result is that more companies are looking for the same profile, when it comes to candidates. When it comes to strong JavaScript developers with skills in Angular or Backbone, the supply is just nowhere near demand.


Web design and development continues to be an area of brisk activity for companies in the business-to-business (B2B space). With a rapid shift to mobile devices and the need to continually maintain a fresh and technologically accessible web site, it seems that the need for updates is ongoing.