About the Client:

The website is a highly specialized online store that offers a variety of solutions to meet your packaging needs. It can manufacture custom moulds, globally source products and decoration, as well as provide pre-made options from the warehouse stock depending on your product and order size. It has a wide array of stock moulds for most popular sizes of jars and bottles.

It has been able to grow its business every year since starting up—today selling an estimated 100 million bottles to customers across North America, including some of the leading brands in the cosmetics and food-and-beverage industries.

“Right now, 50 per cent of their business is derived from the buying and selling and distribution of glass bottles and closures, with the other half devoted to the manufacture of plastic bottles”.

Project Introduction:

The Project was to develop a site that has the ability to deliver package with greater flexibility than most manufacturers. The idea was to design and develop a site for lead generation system and provide all the types of bottles and its accessories at one place. It provides a process to ensure that customers see, touch and feel their design prior to investing in the creation of a mould so they can be confident their container stands out from the crowd. Again, it’s not just about bottles; it’s about making them work for the customers.

Project Assignment Highlights:

Creating quickly customizable design with simple UI.
Provide details about each product.
Add order sample button for customers to first order free samples.
Add navigation bar.
Track all lead.


Starting an online business is not simply a case of “Build it and they will come”. A successful online store requires a carefully thought out, evidence based strategy; a dedicated project team with members who are experienced in client’s domain; and an appropriate budget that will support client’s growth goals. While all web projects (especially e-commerce) have their challenges, following are a few that were unique to the development of this project:

Adding of navigation bar.
To add a button of “Order sample” in which customers prior to give order can buy a free sample of it.
A functionality to save the details of the credit cards so that it can take the payment after the delivery of the products.

Technology Used:

Magento, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery


The project required easy to create, manage and customize user interface that we did by using Magento. We designed a responsive template for the website and integrated the best HTML5 and CSS design technique to make website equally impressive and appealing on every device. One of the most powerful features of Magento is the ability to extend the core functionality through third party applications. We have created unique web design and developed lot of custom extensions. We have implemented solution that provides online products catalogue synchronization with external systems. We have implemented some of the world leading E-Commerce technology to ensure the website is stable, secure, easy to manage while also having a wide reach, allowing us to get products to the farthest and most remote corners


The final result was a website that delivers your package with greater flexibility. It can provide customers with any type of cap or closure that you need. They can buy here the bottles of each type like plastic or glass and also its accessories. With this website we hoped to increase user engagement and encourage a deeper journey through the site — and hoped to inspire more people to visit site itself as well.

Client Feedback:

After the successful completion of work, our client gave us a wonderful feedback:

“A Fantastic Job- thoroughly researched before the job started and set up exactly as I requested. Awesome attention to detail. Great communication right through the project. I will definitely be using again.”