Are you looking to build a membership site? Do you want the site to have hosting, design, development, plugins, performance, security, etc.? We’ve got a solution for you. In this article, we will show you how to easily build a membership site using different platforms.

It is membership software designed for ease of use and offers flexibility to the user. It is known for its various features, major among them are:

  1.   It integrates easily into existing websites, including a WordPress website too.
  1.  It strongly focuses on e-commerce use and functionality.
  1.   It offers an in-built help desk to address query of its customers.
  1.   It supports online cart integration with Magento and X-Cart. It also supports Zendesk integration.
  1.   It is a suitable one-time purchase for online member-based blogs, forums, retail websites
  1.   Users can run their own affiliate websites

Few of the Disadvantages of the membership site are:

  1.   It is not suitable for traditional, local associations and organizations that run for non-profit, they have to search other options.
  1.   It is also not appropriate for event management companies, it also lacks in donation functionality.

A feature-rich software, it does not only protect content and also automate entire online business. It offers the following features:

  1. Easily integrates with WordPress and other non-CMS sites too
  1. Aids sequential content-delivery.
  1. Schedule content so that it comes automatically on a day-on-day basis, this feature is known as content responder with tru-dip
  1. It has an inbuilt file and download protection mechanism to protect regular files like MP3, MP4, zip, flv etc.
  1. The payment gateway is convenient and it comes with a free shopping cart, it also offers on-site credit card processing.
  1. It has an inbuilt affiliate program and turns every member into an affiliate quickly.
  1. It offers unlimited products, membership levels, e-mail auto-responders, free installation, and synchronized drip of both content and emails.
  1. It also integrates with third-party email software like MailChimp and Auto-responder.

Few of the disadvantages of the software are:

  1. It takes a longer time to configure than the usual membership software.


  • S2Member:

An easily configurable and highly extensible membership plugin, S2Member protects all downloadable files in any format and also enable streaming of videos and audio.

Following are its major features and advantages:

  1. Powered by WordPress shortcodes, it makes complex integrations quick and easy.
  1. S2Member provides security features which restrict the users from link sharing so that your content remains safe and secure.
  1. S2Member gives you the freedom of accessing source code so that you can easily make modifications as per your needs.
  1. Provides a compatible platform for all those who are planning to build a site with WordPress Multisite
  1. It integrates easily with MailChimp, bbPress, and BuddyPress.
  1. It is a free membership plugin which can be downloaded by anyone. It is a great starting point for all the users.

Few disadvantages of membership plugin are:

  1. It is difficult to use than the other plugin membership sites and takes a long time to set up.
  1. Only four membership levels can be accessed for free of cost.


Recurly is a Javascript library which securely accepts payment details and provides customizable user environment to its users. It processes a one-time transaction and also provides customer billing information.

Here are some features and advantages of it:

  1. It provides a perfect experience for its customers and gives them flawless environment throughout the sites.
  1. You can easily embed a few lines of code so as to quickly start the accepting payments.
  1. Temporary failures automatically get recovered which is another advantage of this software.

Few disadvantages of Recurly.js are:

  1. There is some discrepancy in finding out the how the subscription form handles the test numbers.


  • Membership Pro

Membership Pro is a well-known Joomla plugin which allows you to create a multilevel exclusive access for its users. It is a powerful plugin, rich in features and is easy to use.
Following are some features and its advantages:

  1. It allows to create and sell the subscription plans.
  1. It provides a clean workspace with ultimate responsive layouts for subscription plans.
  1. It helps in creating a flexible and customizable subscription forms.


Few disadvantages of this membership plugins are:

  1. It requires setup and maintenance and therefore lags behind the other membership plugins.


  • Membership 2 Plus

Membership 2 Plus is best membership plugin for WordPress. It is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Once you start working on, you will easily adapt the features and can utilize them.

Following are some advantages:

  1. It protects the element present in the WordPress dashboard.
  1. It strongly protects and controls the media.
  1. It easily manages the entire multisite network from a place.
  1. It even protects the post types which are not native to the WordPress Core.

Few disadvantages of this membership plugins are:

  1. It requires longer to configure and setup than other membership plugins.


A complete membership plugin with dozens of features designed for content sites, subscription products, and newsletters.

Following are some features and its advantages:

  1. A basic free version of the plugin is available which can be easily downloaded. It will give you an idea about the software and its functionalities.
  1. It will help you to easily connect with the third party such as CRM, email marketing services and other WordPress plugins.
  1. It supports various payment gateways which include Paypal, stripe,, Braintree, CyberSource, and 2checkout.
  1. A wide variety of add-ons are available to provide advanced features which includes line tracking, variable pricing and many more.

Few disadvantages of this membership plugins are:

  1. Although it is a powerful plugin, still it is not user-friendly for the beginners.
  1. It does not fulfill the basic requirements such as the ability to have more than one active membership. It also lacks to offer multiple payment options.