In the futuristic era of information and technology, it is almost impossible for a business to survive without a website. Not only it is important to have a website, but also to constantly update the site with latest technology and features to spike your site traffic. Thus with regular and never ending demands of website creation, maintenance and upgrades, many web design companies would prefer to outsource the technical part. This allows them to focus on creative part of business, i.e. marketing, meeting new people and building long term business relationships.

Most of the web design companies would thus prefer to lay back and share their workload with other competent and affordable developers that they can always depend upon. This will relieve them from stress and high pressure of work; giving them more time to spend with their loved ones instead.

There are many freelancing websites that allow companies to find developer when need arises. Some of the market leaders are,,, and that provide highly skilled developers. All that needs to be done is post a job to get response from plenty of developers out there in the market.

So the main question is why web design companies are choosing

To answer that question, let us ask a different question. What is the problem with freelancing websites?

After interviewing some of the web design companies based in US, here is some insight.

  1. You get overwhelmed with the options and you have to invest considerable time in finding the right candidate. Since most of the bidders have 5 star ratings it becomes even more difficult. But then you know that you are choosing world class developers for your work.
  2. It is better to try a person for a small job before hiring for a big job right away, this way you can understand his competency level which helps you in future.
  3. I outsource a lot of jobs to an Indian team; they work at great prices and deliver better results than even our in-house developers.
  4. Once you get a good team, don’t let them go to find very cheap ones.
  5. Sometimes proposals are from marketing/sales team who have no clue about the job requirement and technicalities, so you have to wait few days before they really understand the job in details. Better be vigilant when you are hiring.
  6. If they do a bad job, you can give them a negative feedback. But this will ensure that no one else is trapped.

So what does brings to the table?

  1. You place an order with job details and boom you are assigned a dedicated developer.
  2. The developer that best fits to the job requirement is assigned to you, so you don’t have to invest time in finding the right developer
  3. He understands the job from technical point of view and hence there is almost no time lag in order and job execution
  4. He will update you regularly everyday without failing, so you don’t have to remind him for updates
  5. He verifies his work on all browsers, all devices before he updates you so you don’t have to test your work
  6. He takes the best approach in the execution of the job.
  7. He uses coding standards and comments his code, giving you a true professional experience
  8. also have alternate developer who tracks the job behind the scene, so in case the developer is on leave he can jump in and take care of immediate requirements.
  9. Low cost – trial package is just 99 cents per hr.
  10. 24/7 live chat available in case of emergencies or urgent requirements. is a unique IT outsourcing platform designed for small businesses, web development companies looking for reliable freelancer to work on IT project. Over short period of 4 years, has now emerged as world renowned and most preferred global IT outsourcing platform.