Are you not happy with the freelancer you selected on elance/guru/odesk?

You think you did the due-diligence in hiring and selecting the developer for your new job, still the decision you made sucks! Where exactly you went wrong in selecting the freelancer/web developer?

The freelancer had 5 star feedbacks, rating reviews. Was that not enough for selecting him?

My short answer! NO – a Big No

So where did you go wrong?

In my last 12 years of web development experience, I have come across many opportunities where a client returned back to me. They hired me in the middle of the job that is done unprofessionally by his original PHP developer. The PHP web developer he hired couldn’t understand the job requirement. Had no motivation to understand, and thus instead of providing best possible solution, he just wanted to get paid and be done with the job and with the client. Not a healthy situation to be in.

Well my client learnt the lesson and now ready to hire me!

So the next question to ask is – why didn’t some client hire me in 1st place?

The short answer – I asked too many questions.

I asked too many questions before giving my quote and accepting the job. I absolutely make sure that I understand the job requirements. I wanted to consider all possible situations, features, functionality, the technologies and also if 3rd party libraries (if any) required are available on hosting server.

This approach has many advantages for client and for me because it make sure that both client and me are on same page. I agree that this approach takes longer time to get the job started and off the ground, however once the job starts it gets delivered faster and smoother.

I will give detail of all the advantages in my next article. However at this point I want to let you know that this is the best way to decide on your next web developer. So before you hire or select some web developer/freelancer on sites like Odesk/Elance/Guru/Freelancer, make sure that the freelancer is asking you some great questions and investing good amount of time to understand your needs and has thought of all possible solutions before he is ready to take your job.

At, I have trained all my developers to do the same. All developers are now experts in understanding the client needs before they start the job or writing first line of code. It has worked out great and main reason why so many web design companies, web development companies that outsource their web development jobs to is their love towards and her developers. is a unique IT outsourcing platform designed for small businesses, web development companies looking for reliable freelancer to work on IT project. Over short period of 4 years, has now emerged as world renowned and most preferred global IT outsourcing platform.