What do you think is the most time consuming part of job outsourcing?

I think its finding right developer. You spend good amount of time hiring just the right developer by reading 10-15  proposals, reviewing their ratings, checking out portfolio. Phew! Thats lot of work, isnt it?

Ok, well after going through all the candidates, you have finally selected  the perfect match for your web or mobile job. Now the big question is, what if the hired developer leave the job half way? Or equally worse if he is not available to work on future updates/requirements?

Spend the time again finding another right developer? Explain the job again and start from scratch?

This is the exact problem that GeeksPerHour.com seem to be solving for many web design and development companies in US, UK, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Netherland, and many other countries.

There are many web development companies that are currently opting to chose web application developer and  mobile application developer from GeeksPerHour.com instead of Elance, Odesk, Guru, Freelancer.

The reason? GeeksPerHour.com provides Backup developer without extra cost!

You read it right! No extra cost for backup developer – ready to jump in anytime and get dirty executing job at same speed as the original developer. What a relief!

In our feedback we have asked these companies why they chose GeeksPerHour.com instead of other popular freelancing sites like Elance/Odesk/Guru/Freelancer. They said many reasons why they liked GeeksPerHour.com. Here is a bit of what they said about GeeksPerHour.com and finally what they feel is the # 1 reason in their opinion.

Some said they liked the common sense that our developer use in developing solutions and hence freeing up their hand holding time needed with developers found elsewhere. Some liked the way GeeksPerHour.com developer emails everyday and the email format they use for updates. While others said that they really enjoy working with developers because they do it out of love for labor.

Time and again, after receiving lots of feedback over skype and email conversations we have identified the top reason why web development/design companies from US, Canada, Austratlia, NewZealand, UK keep coming back to GeeksPerHour.com

The # 1 reason all these web development companies love GeeksPerHour.com is the sense of security and peace of mind it brings to them. They know that the job will not be abandoned incomplete.

Many times the developer they hired on elance/odesk/guru/freelancer has left the job or is not available for further customization or work. Leaving these web development companies to redo the entire hiring process and explaining the job again to new contractor/developer they hire. This cause lot of time and energy waste which could be otherwise well spent on marketing and customer interaction and hence growing business and loving what they do.

We understood and felt their problem and wanted to help. After some contemplation and discussion with our clients, GeeksPerHour.com came up with a concept of backup developer.

This back up developer has all the job information and knows job status. Thus he can quickly jump in the job development in case the developer assigned is on leave or has left the job. Thus keep up the speed of development without affecting quality of the code. What a sense of relief for all our clients. Now they can relax after they have purchased a package on GeeksPerHour.com and go back to do what they really love to do.

So if you are a web development company who is constantly looking for a reliable developer and are tired of going through hiring process/grind on elance/guru/odesk/freelancer, look no further. Try GeeksPerHour.com developers by purchasing trial package for just 99 cents per hr for 1st 5 hrs. Thats just $4.99 for 5 hrs of web or mobile app development work.

GeeksPerHour.com is a unique IT outsourcing platform designed for small businesses, web development companies looking for reliable freelancer to work on IT project. Over short period of 4 years, GeeksPerHour.com has now emerged as world renowned and most preferred global IT outsourcing platform.