Project Introduction:

The purpose of the project was to develop a plug-in for maintaining a list of sites that will have sync user name so that if you have 10 wordpress sites installed on one server then user will register on one site but gets automatically registered on all the sites and can access any of the site. Also when the user updates the profile on any one of the site then it gets automatically updated on all the other sites also. The plugin will run on all sites specified, users can be created and synced from any site. All sites are on the same host, and each site will use the same MySQL Credentials.

Project Assignment Highlights:

Maintain a list of sites that will have synced username (need form on dashboard to maintain list of sites)
On registration copy new user to each site.
On password change update users on synced sites.
Batch copy of users to all sites.


Problem in establishing database connection of other sub-site on one site.
MySQL server problem.
Wordpress registration form was not working.
Multiple site integration.

Technology Used:

WordPress, MySQL, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax.


The project required easy to create, manage and customize user interface plugin that we did by using WordPress. Our talented developers are well aware of the fact that every WordPress site demands different plugin extensions hence they developed a unique and user friendly plugin according to the client’s requirement. The plugins was made with standard technologies including PHP and others and hence is highly adjustable for any future need. We offered bug free codes due to our uncompromising nature about quality. The problem of registration for was solved by developing a customized registration form for the users which was then uploaded on the front end. The plugin we developed, Integrated seamlessly into all the web site that was installed on the same server. The problem of database connectivity on the server was solved by using Adminer plugin for the connectivity.


The final result was a well designed feature rich wordpress plugin that perform a security validation and audit to make sure that your website will be safe and secure. The plugin maintained the multiple sites at the same time and any insertion, deletion or updation on any one of the site will automatically make the changes on other site also. The plugin gave client’s customers a competitive edge against their competitors.

How does the plugin works:

There are some instructions to use the plugin-

You have to first install Site listing plugin(Add-edit-delete module plugin) to all the sites you want to register user and enter All the details of databases with database’s username and password to all the sites as i did in all the websites.
Now install the user sync plugin to all the sites and create wp page named ‘Register’ on all the sites and paste the code ‘[cr_custom_registration]’ to all the site’s register page.
Now user register to any of the site will be automatically registered on all the listing sites

Client Feedback:

After the successful completion of work, our client was extremely delighted to see all functionality working perfectly and bug free and gave us the feedback:

“Great work and always exceeds expectations. I am happy working with them and will continue to work with them.”

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