About the Client:

The client, an inventor with a passion for nutrition and fitness, began testing his then-revolutionary theory that heart disease could be treated with lifestyle changes. In leading media, including 60 Minutes, he was among the first worldwide to assert that diet and exercise, not drugs and surgery, should be the first line of defense against cardiovascular disease. Then he got an idea to develop a website that continues to operate as both a lifestyle-change education program and a research center. Today, no other diet-and-exercise program has been more highly praised by the scientific community. More than 100 studies in top medical journals have found that people who adopt the Program achieve dramatic results in just a few weeks, with more benefits long-term disease prevention.

Why WordPress was chosen:

As we were looking into new platforms for website, our focus was on choosing an open source option that had a large developer community building both the core platform and plug-ins. This would allow us to tap into a large reservoir of talent and give us freedom if we wanted to launch new features ourselves. This quickly narrowed it down to a few options and we ended up choosing WordPress as there’s been a number of great media and social properties built on it.

Project Introduction:

The project was to build a website that continues to operate as both a lifestyle-change education program and a research center – an internationally-acclaimed laboratory for investigative work into the relationship between lifestyle and disease prevention. The idea was to design and develop a site for lead generation system which provide information about Nutrition, Exercise, and Mind-Body Health at one place.

Project Assignment Highlights:

Developed subscription based platform using aMember
WordPress + aMember Integration.
Integrate with salesforce CRM for lead data.
Weight loss Tracker for the members.
Recipe section and meal chart for the members.


Recurring Payment problem.
Migration from Joomla to WordPress.
Integrate with salesforce CRM.
Multiple level of subscriptions.

Technology Used:

WordPress, aMember, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.


The project required easy to create, manage and customize user interface that we did by using WordPress. We designed a responsive template for the website and integrated the best HTML5 and CSS design technique to make website equally impressive and appealing on every device. When we started this project, quickly realized the biggest complexity would be the data migration – moving over hundreds of thousands of blogs, discussions, comments, member profiles is an insane task. But in the end, we successfully moved the site from Joomla to WordPress without a hitch. The next challenge was recurring payment option in the site which was solved by doing customize coding for the payment option. There was a requirement by client for multiple level of subscription which was also done by the developer using customize coding.


The final result was a well designed feature rich wordpress website where a person can find different health programs, nutrition workshop, fitness camp, cooking class and a health resort which is nestled in a private enclave, a gracious work of Italianate architecture, and is surrounded by 650 acres of tropical paradise in Miami. We hoped to increase user engagement and encourage a deeper journey through the site.

Client Feedback:

After the successful completion of work, our client was extremely delighted to see all functionality working perfectly and bug free. Not only is traffic up, we’ve received feedback like:

“Love the new website! It is so great to see how much has gone into the site over the past few years! The site is fantastic! “.