is a unique IT outsourcing platform similar to Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, Guru, PeoplePerHour. However there are 3 main differences.

1. Developer selection:

On Elance/Odesk/Guru: Bidders bid on your job and then you have to filter/interview/select a bidder. Which is very time consuming.

On we do that for you. We have extremely rigorous technical selection process that every developer has to go thorough.

We select and assign a developer to your job based on 2 main criteria.

Technical expertise
Experience with similar job

2. Post Job Only Once:

On Elance/Guru/Odesk: If developer stops working, you have to post job again,and go through selection process again which is very time consuming and frustrating process.

On GPH: Once the job is posted it remains in system along with all the communication with assigned developer.

Whenever a developer leave, another developer can jump in and resume the job
immediately without any visible delay.

3. Security

On Elance/Odesk/Guru – there is high chance that a developer can get your funds and not complete the job or abandon your job in middle.

All you can do is leave a bad feedback.

On GPH: There is zero possibility of developer running away with your money. Funds come to GPH which is then transferred to developers as salary. So even if developer leave your job, you can still be assured the hours in your account are still valid and usable.

The unused hours you purchase/refill on never expires. So judge which platform is better! Elance vs odesk vs guru vs freelancer vs is a unique IT outsourcing platform designed for small businesses, web development companies looking for reliable freelancer to work on IT project. Over short period of 4 years, has now emerged as world renowned and most preferred global IT outsourcing platform.