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TELECOMMUTING- Its advantages and disadvantages

Instead of commuting to your job every day, you might look at the option of having your job come to you.

Telecommuting is a work arrangement in which an employee’s work […]

WordPress Plugin Development Case Study

Project Introduction:

The purpose of the project was to develop a plug-in for maintaining a list of sites that will have sync user name so that if you have 10 wordpress […]

Case Study of Health and Wellness WordPress Website done by Geeks Per Hour

About the Client:

The client, an inventor with a passion for nutrition and fitness, began testing his then-revolutionary theory that heart disease could be treated with lifestyle changes. In leading media, […]

Real Estate Website In Drupal – Done by Geeks Per Hour!

About the project:

The project was conceived in order to develop master-planned communities and new homes in the Greater Toronto Area. The proud tradition of quality craftsmanship, continuous innovation and trend-setting […]

Case Study of Shopify Website done by Geeks Per Hour

Project Introduction:

The project was to develop a platform to sell beautiful and reusable shopping bags out of hemp. The idea was to provide far better, from a hygienic, ecological, and […]